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New Growth Coaching is coaching from the inside out to create lasting change. I partner with creative individuals in a process that holistically elevates all areas of life, while creating specific outcomes. When you are really ready for change, I can help build the road map to success, whatever it looks like.



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Life and Leadership Coach

A lifelong seeker, explorer and creative, Anna is passionate about helping those who are ready to take action live their lives on purpose, navigate life's transitions and see measurable results in their work and lives.

Her career began in the beauty industry in 2002. "Curiosity led me to this amazingly creative path and as I've worked with people through my career, I've recognized the need for real connection in the workplace and in life."

She's partnered with countless clients, championing the best in each unique individual. Realizing the hairstylist relationship is part creative and part coach she says, "It's been an honor to work with people when they are at their best, and also their most vulnerable."

Certified in business management in 2012, Anna's focus shifted to high functioning creative teams. As a leader, she has empowered individuals to take ownership and agency in their work and lives. In early 2019, Anna began her professional certified coach journey. 

"Coaching has changed my life. Its a powerful modality to help people live to their fullest potential."

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