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Hello, I'm Anna

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About me

Throughout my life I have been fascinated with personal growth, had a deep love of people and a curiosity about the world. My parents are artists, humanitarians and philosophers so I was raised with a love for people and zest for life. Today, I still love learning about people and exploring. 

As a beauty professional, I’ve worked with people for over 20 years helping them see their potential and the best in themselves. Sitting in my chair was often the only opportunity a person would have to unpack whats going on in their lives and talk about their challenges and their dreams. Over the years, I've built trust with my clients and I’ve been a confidant, a sounding board and a cheerleader.

Today, I provide the safe space for people who feel stuck, lost and overwhelmed to regroup and reclaim their power. Through listening and introspection, I help my coaching clients explore purpose and create the life they want. I help navigate life’s transitions and provide the support to reach goals both personally and professionally.

I was certified in business management in 2012 and have led creative teams and run business operations for over a decade. I founded New Growth Coaching in 2019. I earned my Certified Professional Coach certification in 2020 through The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and I am an Energy Leadership Index Assessment Master Practitioner. I became an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation in 2022. 

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