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What COVID and Squirrels Are Teaching Me About VISION

Zoinks- we’ve been in lockdown for 2 months in New Jersey and last week the governor told us we have another 30 days.




I WAS really good about this staying optimistic and purposeful and all that. I was looking at the silver lining, enjoying the time with my family, learning new things, reading books - but enough already, I’m done.

But... I’m not done. I can’t be, because we’re not out of this yet.

Laawwd I just want to see some people and get back to normal!

What happened to the optimism and solid vision I had a few weeks ago? That vision of a bold purposeful woman who was going to rise from the ashes of this global crisis, crushing my problems like skulls? The POWERFUL enlightened one who is exercising everyday, dancing salsa in the kitchen and drinking celery juice like it’s water, or better than water or whatever it is?

Did I get lazy? No that’s not it.

Maybe bored?

Or maybe deflated?

COVID or not, staying the course for the long haul is a testament of your true desire. (Yes, I desire to go back to work, like, so much!) Because these aspirations we have, these dreams for what we want to achieve and who we want to become, they are seeds you see. We must constantly nurture the dreams like we would water the garden. But it's bigger than your aunt’s cute little patio pansies. If you really want to see your vision, you've got to be growing like Monsanto.

It was during an inspiring Zoom webinar when I realized what happened to my pandemic survivor-superwoman vision. A coach hero of mine, a teacher and mentor, iPEC lead trainer Cindy Gardner, was sharing some insight on what it was like to launch a business during the economic challenges of 2008. She likened the process to being like a squirrel running across a power line. The squirrel is fast, really fast, practically flying. The squirrel is agile, and keeps its attention and momentum forward, always forward. If that attention drifts, the squirrel falls.

She explained, quite seriously, almost more seriously than I’ve ever seen anyone explain anything actually... SHE. IS. ALL. IN. She had doubled down and had DECIDED that she was following that path. There was no going back.

That's the thing about vision, you've got to keep your vision in laser tight focus. In the case of the squirrel, deviating has serious consequences. In my case, during this pandemic, I might get some nice patio pansies.

Put another way you must decide every single day that this is the new vision you are creating of yourself and your choices and habits are going to be in alignment with that vision. EVERY FUCKING DAY. Especially the days that your kid found Amazon and won’t leave you alone about buying dumb shit every 3 minutes while your dad is on the way to the ER. The days when the car won't start and you can't find the paper you need for that thing you're working on. And especially the days that all start to blend together because you’ve been stuck in the house for two months and there is a deadly virus out there and people are A-holes and it’s an election year and no one knows what the future holds...

What happened to me last week was that I had some doubt and I lost my focus, so I made some doubt based choices for a few days. I lost my focus and then my momentum, I was like the squirrel looking down.

Guys, don’t look down.

Every day you have to dial in to your vision. What’s yours? Are you becoming healthier? Wealthier? Are you pursuing fulfilling relationships? Are you becoming more focused and effective? Are you becoming a confident strong leader? Are you starting a business during a global health crisis? Are you becoming a first time parent? Are you trying to live through a pandemic without killing your husband?

Don't look down. Particularly now. We have to believe that we will get to the telephone pole on other side of the power line.

I’ve known Susan for years. She’s one of those friends that I can always pick up with right where we left off. We laugh, we cry. She is a part of the fabric of me. I like to think that she’s got a little of me with her all the time too, maybe lodged in her liver. As long as I’ve known this beautiful, sublimely saucy soul, she’s dreamt of moving to California. It hasn't even been a question, really, she just knew that she would one day be living in sunny glorious Carlsbad in her quaint little Carlsbad house with the quaint yellow Carlsbad front door, looking all quaint and Californian.

Years she’s wanted this, and life happened along the way… Blooming relationships, pivots in career, family emergencies and mysterious rashes, yet she didn't look down.

The woman is packing her car next month, putting on her face mask and heading west.


Here’s another thing. It doesn't really matter. The Rock and Wycleff had it right. Whatever the distraction is that's pulling you off course, whether it's COVID-19, the lie you tell yourself about not being good enough or if it’s your kid puking on you. Address it, get a coach, be responsible, and clean it up. But keep your head up and keep focused on where you're going.

I'm going to go do all that too. Right now.

Anna Scelfo CPC ELI-MP

New Growth Coaching LLC

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